Cross-Blockchain Protocol Development for Global Ledger

Network powered cross-blockchain protocol that allows tracking of token and crypto transactions.

Client IdeaSoft
Services DLT & Blockchain, Software, Design
Technologies Golang, Vue JS
Project Description

Digital assets tracking and AML compliance

Global Ledger uses cross-chain analysis in order to track transactions. It means that it doesn’t rely only on general sources of information but also communicates with stock exchanges and with other GL Protocol users. It can track any kind of transaction, whether it’s illegal or fully legitimate. In addition, GL Protocol is used to exchange tokens and crypto.

Thus, since all information about transactions is shared between all users, the risks are drastically reduced, as well as tracking and security are more effective.

Target Audience

Complex solution for the industry

  • Government and Regulatory expertise
    Monitoring any activities with tokens and crypto transactions.
  • Blockchain Startups, Fintech
    KYT (Know Your Transaction) system for secure funds exchange.
  • Traditional Financial institutions
    Helps to define the origin of facilities and prevents money laundering.


RegTech for Blockchain integrity

  • Proof of funds
    Technically proven source of income for individuals and institutions that is based on a blockchain proof of transactions as well as proof of transacting authorities.
  • AML Reports
    Automated risk assessment, in-depth reports, and analytics on cryptocurrency transactions for compliance needs and transaction filtering.
  • Fraud Alerts
    Suspicious activity detection and notification system that prevents the acceptance of “dirty coins” from the dark web, hacks, scams, and other illegal sources.
  • Investigations
    Technically proven source of income for individuals and institutions based on a blockchain proof of transactions as well as proof of transacting authorities.
Additional Solutions

Global Ledger Products

  • AML/KYT Suite
    Real-time customer screening and centralized record management.
  • Tracking Suite
    Asset tracking, due diligence, and research utilizing visualization and blockchain clustering.
  • API
    Automated KYT process to simplify AML due diligence.

Design and Branding

Brand Identity and UX/UI Design

  • Branding
    The IdeaSoft design team developed the brand identity for this project from scratch. The designers created a logo and formed a brand book with detailed guidelines for using the identity.
  • UX/UI design
    Based on a data-driven approach, the design team developed a UX/UI design both for the entire platform and for all accompanying materials – data visualization, exported reports on the results of the investigation, and so on.

IdeaSoft guys fully jumped into the topic for my project right from the very beginning. They made code combined scientific researches, math and very specific blockchain knowledge. Perfect support throughout the whole development process. Flawless communication.

Alex Fisun CBDO of Global Ledger

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