Read an Interview with Andrii Lazorenko, CEO at IdeaSoft, for GoodFirms

‘Empowering Technology Innovation by Offering Excellent Products Has Been the Secret to the Success of Ideasoft,’ Says Andrii Lazorenko

Founded in 2016 with a development center in Ukraine, IdeaSoft has representatives in more than 12 countries, including the USA, Norway, Israel, Germany, and a few other countries. Over the years, the organization has managed to work with both startups and enterprises from the USA, Canada, UK, Israel, Germany, Australia, Argentina, and others. 

IdeaSoft started as a small production company, and gradually it got expanded into a service business. Due to this, the professionals at IdeaSoft develop products for the clients because they are well-acquainted with the clients’ challenges and deliver a project successfully meeting all market requirements.


Andrii Lazorenko spoke to GoodFirms’ interviewer about the way IdeaSoft approaches teamwork and the services offered to the clients. The CEO also asserts, “I’m one of the company’s founders, so I was involved in its venture from the very beginning.” Furthermore, Andrii is delighted to share that, “It’s fascinating to see how the company grows, starting with a team of 15 people, today we have passed the 100+ mark.”

Established as a small startup, the founders received a request to build a remote development center from an Israeli startup; the members decided its name after many efforts. The founders wanted a name that would correspond to the internal concepts of what they would do and ended up with IdeaSoft.  The CEO of IdeaSoft believes that there is an excellent idea behind every good product, especially when it comes to innovation. The group of experts helps the clients turn their ideas into supreme solutions that make a global impact.

The excitement and passion Andrii has for his role, and for clients as a whole, has never dimmed. Taking his dream role boosted him to set bigger goals for himself. The setting and accomplishing goals have played a large part in how Andrii approaches his role. “IdeaSoft possesses an in-house development team. In my opinion, such a business model yields the best control over the quality of the produced services, especially when it comes to outsourcing,” explains Andrii.

Over the past four years, IdeaSoft’s experts have completed more than 200 projects for the clients of different verticals such as Fintech, 5G & MEC, B2B, B2G, Smart City, DLT and Blockchain, Logistics. Continuing with the interview, Andrii shares the most flourishing services – software development and mobile app development services. The autogenous team at IdeaSoft is professional yet flexible and practices the most advanced SDLC methodologies to handle all units and deliverables. 

With more than 100 highly competent in-house engineers, IdeaSoft uses ground-breaking skills to bring the best solutions to life. Moreover, the well-defined development process forms a unique business environment for clients. The team is well-versed in managing all stages of the development cycle to quickly and efficiently accouche the end-results. Thus, delivering robust software solutions and services facilitates IdeaSoft as one of the leading software development companies in Kharkiv at GoodFirms.

Having read the above-mentioned excerpt from the interview, one can also have a look at the detailed interview published at GoodFirms. 

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What Percentage of Project Success Depends on PM: an Interview with Eugenia Gorlacheva

Find a good project manager if you want your project to be successful. The project manager is one of the most interesting IT professions. This specialist knows how to communicate with both a client and a development team to achieve set goals. Eugenia Gorlacheva, PMO at IdeaSoft told us about her work, professional development, and project success criteria in a recent interview. Read on to find out more.


Management is not about giving orders, it’s about serving people.

Eugenia Gorlacheva, PMO

IdeaSoft: Why did you choose the profession of a project manager and what do you like about your job?

Eugenia: Management is not just a profession, this is a lifestyle. My strong belief is that you should feel that you are a manager, you need to serve people this way, overcoming challenges and making an impact. Throughout my life, I’ve always been controlling and managing something.  So, I didn’t choose, it just happened. The best part of my job is that I can help the team and clients turn business needs into technical solutions. And quite a pleasant bonus is that I can always grow in this profession.

IdeaSoft:  What qualities should a good project manager have?

Eugenia: Willingness to learn, patience, empathy to a client, and passion for what you do. I’m not talking about being self-organized, the ability to plan, and have PM knowledge as long as we are not creating a job description now. We are talking about things that go along with these qualities.

IdeaSoft: How can a project manager improve his skills?

Eugenia: There are so many different ways to improve, from courses, webinars, workshops to self-education watching YouTube videos, and reading books. At IdeaSoft, we have competent managers and supportive colleagues ready to help. Also, a big deal in a project manager’s growth is projects where a PM is involved. Different teams and technologies always require thinking out of the box. And this diversity also can be found at this company, as we have different clients with different requirements.

IdeaSoft:  In your opinion, what percentage of project success depends on the project manager’s skills and why?

Eugenia: A project manager usually takes primary responsibility for a deliverable, so this person is motivated better than anyone to get the final product according to the client’s requirements and within time and budget. Though the team matters for sure. I am lucky to have a team of developers, business analysts, designers, and QAs, who really care about what they do, I’m proud to work with them.

IdeaSoft: How do you know if a product launch is successful?

Eugenia: Happy customers and end-users. This is the best measurement for project success.

IdeaSoft: What is the best advice you would give to someone starting out in a project management position?

Eugenia: Do your best, keep in mind that management is not about giving orders, it’s about serving people. And a project manager should be sincere with clients, a team, and management even though it takes great courage sometimes.